I hate being sick..

I just got up to get some paper, and looked myself in the mirror. I look terrible… My eyes and cheeks are red from crying, but I’m otherwise pale… My nose is sore from blowing, and my throat hurts, probably just because it can. I don’t know if I have a fever, since my forehead is warm when I touch it, but it’s usually cold if I have a fever.. But I do have a headache though. One that just got worse from crying.

Gotta love how much empathy my brother has. I used my strength to go up to his room, died a little on his bed, asked him if he could go get us both some food if I provided with money, and then maybe we could watch a couple of movies? He basically ignored me, refused to go buy food, and didn’t listen when I told him, on the verge of crying, that I’m sick, I’m in pain, and I do stuff for him, so why can’t he do something nice for me once in a while? I lay there for five minutes, crying, and he didn’t even look at me once, not even when I got up and went downstairs again.

My DOG ended up comforting me. Can you imagine that? Your pet cares more than your own little brother.

Damn it, I want mom to get back home from Holland. I want dad to get back from wherever the heck he is. I hate being sick. I hate feeling so weak, when there’s no one to take care of me. Because when I’m sick, I’m usually too weak to do things for myself, without getting really dizzy… And with a dog who can’t do more than comfort, and a brother who doesn’t care and parents who aren’t home… FML.

ALSO, I was planning on going to a bbq party later tonight. I’ve already canceled those plans, because HAHA going as I am now? I don’t think so. I just want to curl up and watch a movie with someone… I’d hoped it’d be my brother, but I guess not… His games are more important, it seems. Dad, just hurry up home already…

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  2. pearlcheese said: At least it passes, hopefully sooner than later! Hugs your way. ♥
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